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Agro Tourism

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Agriculture is the mainstay of Cameroon’s economy.  About 75% of the active population is involved in agricultural production, which accounts for 50% of total exports. Cameroon has great agricultural potentials. The climate, ranging from humid to semi-arid, allows the growth of a wide variety of crops.

Cameroon’s major exports are cocoa beans (Cameroon is the six largest producer of cocoa beans in the world), coffee (Cameroon is the 15th largest in the world and the 5th largest in Africa).  Cotton, oil palm, tea, rubber, bananas are also cultivated and exported.

Visit Cameroon’s cocoa plantations and witness the process where the cocoa beans are extracted from the cocoa pods. Learn about how the beans are semi-processed for export and understand the constituents of a good quality end product—chocolate.

Cameroon grows both the Robusta and Arabica varieties of coffee. Visit Cameroon’s shade-grown coffee plantations and learn about the differences between the two varieties and the conditions under which they grow.

Visit the cotton plantations in the Sahelian parts of Cameroon and witness the transformation from raw cotton to threads and treated.

The Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) is native to West Africa, where local populations have used it to make foodstuffs, medicines, woven material and wine.  Visit the industrial large-scale plantations and witness the use of every part of the tree to produce a usable product.  Contrast this by visiting the small scale producers and compare the traditional processes still widely used in Cameroon.


Heritage Tours offers packages incorporating plantations for cocoa, coffee, tea, oil palm, bananas and cattle ranches/homesteads.