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Arts and Crafts

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The arts and crafts of Cameroon is as diversified as the different tribal groupings.  Each region of the country is noted for its ingenuity for a particular craft or sets of craftsThe North West, South West and West provinces (which make Cameroon stand out in the Central African sub region for crafts) produce the following:

Wood carving (masks, furniture, utensils, drums and other musical instruments etc)

 Embroidery, weaving


Brass work

The Littoral, Centre, South and East provinces are known for cane work.  The three Northern provinces are known for their extensive use of leather.

CETAC facilitates your  getting in touch with producers of various crafts either for purchasing, simply for tourism or for academic interest. We can also arrange placements for travelers interested in acquiring one of these skills, especially those interested in volounteering/homestays. 

Commensurate to our objective of local economic development and poverty alleviation, we work closely with the producers for marketing purposes.  

In our approach we always protect Cameroon's heritage and therefore we encourage the custodians of antiquities to preserve them. However this does not exclude the possibility for the foreign art collectors to expand their activities.