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Nature-based tourism, bird watching and community activities. 

Cameroon Experiential Travel and Adventure Centre can arrange for responsible, nature-based tourism in many beautiful, diverse and challenging areas of the country. As a tourism marketing subsidiary of Nature Concerns, we are actively involved in efforts to develop ecotourism potentials in particular in the North West province of Cameroon. CETAC strives to support conservation and sustainable development in visited areas, whilst offering a fantastic experience to tourists.

Ecotourists shall have the opportunity to visit pristine parks/reserves such as the Dja Biospehere Reserve and the South East Forest block composed mostly of the Lobeke National Park, which constitutes part of the transboundary  national park covering Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo. Other important eco-tourism sites include the Mengame Lowland Gorilla sanctuary (famed for the Canadian conservationist’s (Jane Goodall Foundation) work), Campo Ma’an National Park, Korup National Park, Benoue National Park. These localities are all rich in biodiversity especially in large forest mammals, birds and rare species of plants.

Cameroon boasts of unique biodiversity due to its diverse bio-geographical conditions which captures in miniature all of the conditions experienced in the rest of Africa. Each bio-geographical zone is unique in its diversity and due to the active policy of nature conservation by the Government, Cameroon offers a unique experience to nature enthusiasts. 

Cameroon Experiential Travel and Adventure Centre organizes specialized and pre-packaged expeditions for the observation of  rare species of animals and birds.

Cameroon Experiential Travel and Adventure Centre can also arrange a great variety of wilderness excursions, including visits to picturesque and calm hills, criss-crossed by fast-moving streams/rivers, some with fascinating lakes and/or waterfalls and covered by unique vegetations. These hills exhibit very good climatic conditions. These experiences can be incorporated in a variety of tour packages.

For those wishing for challenging treks to mountainous regions, we can arrange special expeditions, including assistance and arrangements for more technical wilderness visits to Mt. Cameroon (highest peak in West Africa at 4,095m) and Kupe-Muanenguba Mountain, Mount Lefo, Mount Oku with its unique mountain forests,  as well as Atlantika and Mandara (Kirdi) trekking. 

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