Welcome to Cameroon Experiential Travel and Adventure Centre

"I am impressed about the much knowledge you have concerning the different tour packages your are offering". (Jan 2008)

Erik van Ejik, Expert in tourism product development from the Netherlands Senior Experts:PUM

"Riding from Bamenda to the Waza National Park over a distance of 1.700km and back was a fascinating adventure during which we discovered many beautiful places and people in Cameroon. We very much enjoyed your company". (Feb 2005)

Luc and Van Bergen, Holland

"Our trip through the Bamenda Ring Road was fantastic. We were glad you did an excellent job". (Feb 2005)

Anja Henk and Henk Hubers, Holland

"We enjoyed our trip very much and please give our regards to the families we visited and hand over some of the pictures to them." (Dec 2005)

Rose and Marcel, Amsterdam, Holland

"I will endeavour to send you a more sophisticated camera so that you make up-to-date pictures and send to me for publishing in the Africa Travel Association (ATA) Magazine. My team and I are impressed with what we have seen." (2004)

Muguette Goufrani, Associate Editor of AFRICA TRAVEL MAGAZINE, NY USA