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The climax of this trip is the semi-circular road which takes one from Bamenda and back to Bamenda, passing through  almost all the Divisional chief towns of the North-West Region of Cameroon, one of  the two English-speaking regions of this country.The landscape is panoramic. The cultural attributes make it the cultural hub of Cameroon. Biodiversity conservation, characterized by protected areas, is an important feature. The climate is so very refreshing.

Prices:2pax:2536euros; 3pax:2007;4pax:1595;5pax:1505;6pax:1379;7pax:1289;8pax:1217;9pax:1171;10 pax:1008



Day 1: Arrival at Douala and overnight.


What to do:Ride  through the Mungo agricultural zone with its large banana and pine apple plantations.

Brief stop at the Ekom Nkam waterfall and roadside markets. Watch the picturesque landscape as you approach Bamenda. Overnight in a hotel.

Day3: Bamenda- Ndop:

What to do: Visit the craft center, rice processing factory and the Babungo palace.May trek to nearby hills on the way. Overnight in a hotel at Ndop.


Day 4:Ndop- Ndawara-Fundong

What to do: On the way from  Ndop to Ndawara visitors come out of the car from time to time and trek.While at Ndawara visit the tea estate  and see all the different operations inherent in a modern tea enterprise, i.e. from nursery -to -young farms-to- mature farms, where harvesting is taking place and-to- the factory where transformation and packaging  takes place. Ride over the picturesque hills and get to Fundong where you visit the palace of the King of Kom,who is one of  the most venerated traditional rulers  in the North-West Region.While in this palace one may have the opportunity to see a mystical statue which was once stolen and sold to a museum in one western country, but its mystical powers  constantly pushed down other  antiquities in the same room where it was found. Consequently it was  sent back to  Cameroon after some diplomatic  intervention.   Overnight in a modest hotel.

Day5: Fundong-Wum

What to do:  Ride over the picturesque sprawling hills till you get to Wum. Visit the volcanic lakes and waterfall. In the evening visit the Aghem palace and  watch the elderly Queen Mothers perform some  cultural rituals, including a glorious and melodious dance. Overnight in a modest hotel after eating some local meal, usually made of corn flour,  and roasted fowl meat in some local spices.

Day6:Wum-Dumbu Ranch:

What to:Visit  Lake Nyos. This lake is  dreaded for the its explosion in 1986, producing  a toxic gas which killed over 1700 people and their animals. Some trekking occurs on the way.Proceed to Dumbu Ranch, close to the Nigerian borders. Experience different activities of a modern ranch.Camp or overnight in a modest accommodation.

Day7: Dumbu-Nkambe-Oku:

What  to do: Get out of the car from time to time and trek in order to admire the beautiful hills, which in the rainy season exhibit extra beauty because of the greenery. May watch a group of village dwellers extract oil from palms  using the traditional method.

Proceed to Oku while riding past some green terrain. Overnight in a modest accommodation.

Day8: Oku to Tadu Cattle Ranch and back 

What to do: Ride over the picturesque meadow from Oku to the Tadu and visit the ranch.  Visit the Mborroros(one of the 2  indigenous tribes in Cameroon) and  do horse riding 

Day 9: Oku-Bamenda

What to do: Visit the palace which still exhibits much traditional architecture. Also visit the honey production center, coffee farms and craft producers. Trek to Oku lake which is found  on Mount Oku, the second highest mountain in Cameroon.Proceed to Bamenda  for overnight.

Day10: Bamenda-Douala:What to do: Visit craft shops before leaving Bamenda for final departure in the evening.


Bamenda Ring Road Trekking Expedition

Bamenda Ring Road Trekking Expedition | CETAC