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Discover all of Cameroon in this package encompassing all of the climatic, geographical and  ecological conditions of Africa. Venture into  rain forests, pristine coasts, plantations, volcanic mountains, palaces, safari parks and discover some tribes which exhibit unique characteristics.


Day 1: Arrival at Douala airport and overnight in hotel

Day 2: Douala - Kribi.

What to do :

+Early departure to Edea, some 62 km from Douala, for breakfast  at a riverside restaurant 

+Continue to Kribi, the seaside resort town of Cameroon, while watching the following attractions on the way-: large oil palm plantations, Cameroon largest hydro- electricity supply station, local villages with spectacular architectural designs.

+Check into seaside hotel at Kribi and trek through a sandy beach to a nearby village to interact with local population and have supper

  there before returning to hotel at night. 

Day 3: Kribi- Campo 

What to do

+ Early departure after breakfast 

+ View the following attractions on the way : rubber plantations, nesting sites and museum of sea turtles.

+ Walk on sand beaches at some point. 

+ Check into modest lodging facility at Campo.

+ Supper and overnight.

Day 4: Campo and environs

+ Early breakfast and departure to pygmy village where you see a lot of their cultural attributes

N.B. The pygmies are the original inhabitants of the Congo Basin and constitute one of the two main indigenous people of Cameroon.

+ Also watch part of the Campo- Ma-an National Park with its extraordinary bidiversity including vegetation, birdlife, and insects.

+ Return to hotel for overnight.

Day 5: Kribi - Yaounde

What to do at Yaounde

+ Check into a hotel and visit historical sites in the town

Day 6: Yaounde - Ebolowa 

What to do 

+ Visit the Mefo National Park on the way and see a gamut of wildlife species including gorillas and other primates.

+Brief stop over at Ebogo eco-tourism site beautifully located along the River Nyong and practice spot fishing. 

+ Proceed to Nkolandom, south of Ebolowa for overnight in hotel.

Day 7 : Ebolowa- Yaounde 

What to do

+  Visit ako-acas rocks in the morning and drive back to Yaounde for overnight.

Day 8 : Yaounde- Foumban 

 What to do 

+ Early departure after breakfast 

+ Brief stops on the way to watch road -side markets, cocoa and coffee plantations and traditional palaces.

+ Overnight in hotel at Foumban.

Day 9 : Foumban- Bamenda

What to do 

+ Visit the palace of the venerated Sultan of Foumban, which is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site containing a museum.

+ Depart to Bamenda and overnight in a hotel.

Day 10 : Bamenda - Ndawara

What to do 

+ Drive through the picturesque Sabga landscape and extensive Ndop plain where there is  a lot of rice cultivation and may visit rice factory.

+ Stop over at the craft production centre at Bamessing and watch  busy craft people, producing different craft items.

+ Visit Babungo Palace where there is a rich museum in the outer part of the palace and also a rich collection of antiquities in the innermost part of the palace.

+ Proceed to the Ndawara Tea Estate( the biggest in Africa South of the Sahara) and watch different parts; such as nursery, mature farms and factory.

+ Return to Sabga for overnight in the Sabga Resort.

Day 11 : Sabga - Fundong- Bamenda.

What to do

+ Visit the Mbororo families(indigenous people) nearby the resort and do horse riding.

+ Drive through the picturesque landscape and visit the Fundong Palace where you find a magical antiquity which was taken to a museum  in certain Western country but later on brought back to Cameroon because it caused a lot of havoc on other antiquities in that museum.

+ Take a chance to greet the traditional ruler.

+ Return to Bamenda for overnight.

Day 12 : Bamenda and environs.

+ Visit the magnificient Awing Lake, Saddle Hill Ranch and the Mankon Fon's Palace. You may have a opportunity to interact with the traditional ruler and watch a traditional dance.

+ Return to town a nd visit craft centre for souvenirs

+ Experience nightlife before returning to hotel for overnight.

Day 13: Bamenda- Douala

What to do

+Early breakfast 

+ Brief stops on the way to see Ekom-Nkam Waterfall, large banana and fruit plantation.

+ Supper at seaside restaurant.

+ Departure at mid-night

CAMEROON HEART-BEAT EXPEDITION. ( Douala- Kribi-Yaounde- Ebolowa and back to Yaounde- Foumban-Bamenda-Ndawara……….)

CAMEROON HEART-BEAT EXPEDITION. ( Douala- Kribi-Yaounde- Ebolowa and back to  Yaounde- Foumban-Bamenda-Ndawara……….) | CETAC