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A veritable in road for inter-cultural immersion during which one acquires experiences in the following domains:  local culinary and other house chores, craft, folklore and dance, fair-trade. And also contributes towards  improving on the living conditions of the host families in particular and the respective communities in general, through voluntary service.


Day 1: Arrival at Douala and overnight

Day 2: Douala – Bamenda(by public transport service)

Day 3: Bamenda- Bamessing

What to do: 

After visiting some parts of Bamenda proceed to Bamessing to meet the host family. 

Day 4 - Day 18

Stay with same family doing the following: Learning how to produce craft, learning how to cook, going to the farm with the host family, fetching firewood and water, etc. May accompany members of the host family to socio-cultural  events like death celebrations, marriage celebrations, baby- showers, and  church services .Other side attractions include visiting neighbouring localities such as Bambalang, where a lot of in-land fishing is practiced  at the Bamendjin dam; Bamunka where you find vast rice farms and largest factory in this region and where you can visit coffee farmers on their farms and could have a taste of locally produced coffee;   Babungo where there is the traditional psychiatric healing centre and the Palace which has an outstanding museum and where craft men are usually at work;  Ndawara Tea Estate,the largest in Africa South of the Sahara, where you visit the nurseries, plantation and factory; and Sabga where you visit the Mbororo community(indigenous race) and do horse- riding and trekking in the Tubah upland forest to the cave, which is one of the largest in this region. 

Visitor(s) may earmark a social development project before arrival and do some fundraising. During his/her/their stay can carry out voluntary work.

Day 19 – Day 23: Belo

Trek to the farm with members of host family to collect wood and harvest crops. Partake in house chores. Visit the home of the village head or palace of the clan head of the Kom people, where the mystical antiquity called ‘’Afo-akom’’ is found; trek over the hills to Mbingo and back.

Day 24 - Day 28: Bafut

Learn how to transform and preserve food and medicinal  ingredients such as ginger. Visit interesting sites such as the Bafut Fon’s Palace(Ref.  Bafut Beagles), Presbyterian Craft Making Centre, Saddle Hill Ranch

Day 29: Departure to Bamenda 

Visit craft shops and markets for souvenirs.

Day 30: Departure to Douala and end of trip.


Cameroon Home-stay Experience

Cameroon Home-stay Experience | CETAC