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A unique eco-cultural insight into Cameroon, from Douala through the coastal cities and picturesque highlands , particularly the Cameroon Mountain . This tour includes city walk, mountain trekking, palaces of Fons/Sultans and local arts/crafts and culinary experiences.

Prices:2pax:2006euros; 3pax:1554;4pax:1365euros; 5pax:1251euros; 6pax1149euros;  7pax:1144euros;8pax:1069euros;9pax:1019euros; 10pax:1005euros


Day1: Arrival at Douala and overnight in a hotel, after supper.

Day2: Douala –Buea.
What to do:

  • Departure from Douala at 6.30am to Buea and have breakfast and also perform
  • Registration formalities. Mountain climbing begins at 9am. Camp at hut 2.

Day3: Hut 2-Mann  Craters.
What to do:

  • Early breakfast and climbing continues. Camp at craters.

Day 4: Craters back to Buea    via Bokwango forest and overnight in a hotel.

Day5: Buea to Bangem and proceed to the Manengouba twin lakes.May camp there or return to Bangem town for overnight in a modest hotel.

Day 6: Bangem to Bamenda:
What to do: Brief stop at the Ekom Nkam Waterfall and at a roadside market.Proceed to Bamenda.

Day7: Bamenda – Babungo  and back  
What to do:

  • Go through the first part of the Bamenda Ring Road and watch the picturesque landscape.
  • Visit the Babungo Palace  which has a museum and the interior part which is full of sculptured objects,depicting the engenuity of the Kings and their subjects.
  • On the way back to Bamenda stop at the craft making center and admire the indigenous craftmakers at Work. In the evening watch a cultural performance, wherein you have wooden mask dancers.
  • Visitors may be decorated by the King.Experience night life in Bamenda, by  visiting a thrilling spot  where the popular Cameroonian music(Makossa) is played. Overnight

Day 8: Bamenda - Foumban
What to do:

  • After breakfast visit some craft shops for souvenirs before leaving toFoumban.
  • At Foumban visit the palace of the Sultan. It is of global importance because it is a UNESCO Cultural Heritage site. It has one of the biggest museums in the Central African sub-region.
  • Overnight in a modest hotel.

Day 9:Foumban Douala.
What to do:

  • On the way to Douala stop briefly to see the different large scale farming activities, especially banana,&pine apples. Supper at a seaside restaurant before going to the airport early enough for departure.

Price: 2pax:1806 euros; 3pax: 1354euros; 4pax: .1165euros, 5pax: 1051 euros, 6pax: 949euros; 7pax:944euros 8pax: 869euros; 9pax: 819euros; 10pax: 805euros

These prices include car hiring, fuel, driver, lodging, guiding, entry/porters/ecoguides, food, handling charge and miscellaneous. Not included are airport tax:15.5euros, visa fee: 98euros and flight: varied.


Cameroon Mountain and Crater Lakes (Cameroon Western Highlands Expedition)

Cameroon Mountain and Crater Lakes (Cameroon Western Highlands Expedition) | CETAC