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Discover the Pygmies , one of the oldest peoples in Africa, whose way of life has not been effected by modernity. Discover their fabled craft in ancient medicines and their adaptiveness to their natural habitat, the Congo Basin Rainforest)

Prices:2pax:1947euros;3pax:1478;4pax:1308; 5pax:1197: 6pax:1127: 7pax:1074;8pax:1035; 9pax1008; 10pax:981.

These prices include car hiring, fuel, driver, lodging, guiding, entry/porters/ecoguides, food, handling charge and miscellaneous. Not included are airport tax:15.5euros, visa fee: 98euros and flight: varied.


1st day: Arrival at Douala and overnight

2nd day: Douala to  Yaounde and overnight after a tour of the city.

3rd day: Yaounde  to  Samalomo. 
Performance of entry formalities into the  Dja Biosphere Reserve  where the Pygmies live. Overnight in a small inn.

4th day: Cross the Dja River  by dug-out boat into the Dja Biosphere Reserve. Spend the whole day trekking with Pygmies in the forest , during which you discover  their mastery of their  environment , proof of which is their ability to trek over many   kilometers without using any scientific apparatus such as GPS  or compass. During the trekking you get to know much about the  unique biodiversity such as the vegetation of the Congo Basin, insects, especially beautiful  butterflies,birds, etc.  Return  to the camp for supper and  overnight  in tents  set up nearby the  home of Pygmies.

5th day: Spend the day with the host and learn something about their way of life, such as traditional hunting techniques, traditional medicines, mysteries, etc. and watch a cultural manifestation.


6th day: Return to Somalomo  and proceed to Yaounde and overnight in a hotel.

7th day: Visit the Mefou National Park, where there are gorillas, chimpanzees and other mammals under semi-captivity. Return to Douala/end of tour

Duration: 7 days
Dates: Any
Fitness Conditions: Reasonable fitness/normal health



Cameroon Pygmy Discovery

Cameroon Pygmy Discovery | CETAC