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A veritable discovery of some of the most outstanding Important Bird Areas of Africa, wherein are unique  endemic bird species.

Prices: 2pax:3201euros; 3pax:2679;4pax:2278: 5pax:2112;6pax:1873;7pax:1763;8pax:1675



Day 1: Arrival at Douala and overnight in a hotel

Day 2: Early rise and start birding at some ponds on the Douala - Yaounde highway and the banks of River Sanaga. Breakfast at a riverside hotel at Edea  and continue birding till afternoon when you return to Douala and proceed to Limbe for overnight in a hotel.

Specialties we expect to see include the following: Hartlaubs ducks, Persuses, cliff swallows, African skimmers, grey pratincole and many more.

Day 3: Limbe - Buea 
Birding in the Bimbia Nature Trail andWest Coast

Specialties: Western bluebill, Kingfisher, Long-tailed cormorant, Carmelites unbird, palm nut vulture, violet-tailed sunbird, speckle mouse bird, grey crowned negrofinch, black-necked weaver, common wattle eye, Western Reef egret, grey heron, great blue touraco, white thigh hornbill, yellow casqued hornbill, etc.
Proceed to Buea for overnight

Day 4: Buea

Very early birding  on Mount Cameroon up to the savanna zone. Return   for lunch.Birding again in the vicinity of Buea. Overnight.

Specialties: Mount Cameroon francolin, yellow-billed touraco, Fernando Po olive back, Mount Cameroon speirops, yellow-breasted boubou, mountain robin chat, mountain sawing, etc.

Day 5: Buea - Mundemba

Early departure from Buea , and birding stops at Muyuka and Kumba. Overnight in a modest motel.

Day 6: Mundemba – Rengo Camp in the Korup National Park.

Bird watching in this forest is not so fruitful due to the thick canopy.However, the main attraction  is the famous rockfowl, found only in the Korup Park. Visit the huge rocks in the evening and wait for these stealthy creatures. They are common as found from the month of January, their nesting period.

Day 7: Return to Mundemba and overnight.

During days 5, 6 & 7,  other specialties in addition to the rock fowl may include the following:green hylia,ictering greenbull,brown illadopsis, great blue touraco, blue cuckoo shrike,brown-chested allethe,red bellied paradise flycatcher,western black-headed oriole, yellow-bellied wattle eye, shining drongo, black-casqued hornbill,yellow-throated tinker, rufous fly catcher, thrush, etc.

Day 8: Mundemba - Bangem and overnight.

Day 9: Birding around the Kupe Manengouba twin lakes and leave later in the day to Bamenda for overnight.

Day 10: Bamenda-Oku for birding at Mount Oku.

Day 11: Oku- Bamenda after birding near lake Oku.

Day 12: Early birding in the sacred forest  of the palace of Mankon and more birding in the evening.

Day 13: Bamenda - Douala

  • Birding at the Ekom Nkam Waterfall on the way to Douala.
  • Departure in the evening.

Prices: 2pax:3501Euros; 3pax:2978euros; 4pax:2578; 5pax:2492euros; 6pax:2173euros; 7pax:2062euros; 8pax1975euros.

Each rate includes the following: vehicle +fuel +driver, lodging, breakfast +one other meal and snacks and water, guides, porters, entry, miscellaneous.    

It excludes flight, airport tax, beverages, tips.


Special Bird Watching Adventure

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