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Explore and understand the diversity and richness of Cameroon’s equatorial forest which extends into the transboundary national park that touches parts of Cameroon, Central African Republic and Congo. Visit the magnificent lowland Gorillas in their natural habitat and discover the pygmies in Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Stay at the unforgettable Doli Lodge found in the heart of the Dzangha-Zangha National Park from where you explore more of the forest for its unique wildlife.

Prices:2pax:3447 euros;2876;4pax:2491;5pax:2320;6pax:2208;7pax:2126;8pax:2066;9pax2018;10pax:2000euros

Duration: 12 days

Dates: Due to the bad state of the road between Bertoua and Yokadouma, it is advisable that the trip starts as from December, when the rains reduce.

Fitness Conditions: Reasonable fitness/normal health

Price:2pax: 4447euros; 3pax: 3947euros; 4pax: 3547euros; 5pax: 3500euros; 6pax: 3500euros; 7pax: 3500euros; 8pax: 3500euros; 9pax: 3500euros; 10pax: 3500euros.

These prices include car hiring, fuel, driver, lodging, guiding, entry/porters/ecoguides, food, handling charge and miscellaneous. Not included are airport tax: 15.5euros, visa fee: 98euros and flight: varied.

N.B. It is a difficult tour meant for the physically fit and healthy. 

It is characterized by very bad roads at certain places.


Day1: Arrival at Douala and overnight

Day2: Douala-Yaoundé and visit the Mefou National Park. Overnight

Day3: Yaoundé –Bertoua

Day4: Bertoua-Yokadouma and overnight in a modest hotel

Day5: Yokadouma-Libongo (in Cameroon) - Dzangha-Zangha (in the Central African Republic). Overnight in a riverside resort.

Day6: Gorilla visit

Day7: Visit sanctuary of elephants, buffaloes, forest antelopes.

Day8: Visit Pygmies and see different aspects of their lifestyle, such as hunting, traditional medicines, folklore and dance.

Day9: Dzangha-Zangha-Yokadouma and overnight

Day10: Yokadouma-Bertoua. Overnight.

Day11: Bertoua-Yaoundé. Overnight

Day12: Yaoundé-Douala and departure



The Cameroon-Central African Equatorial Forest Escapade (Dzangha-Zangha National Park)

The Cameroon-Central African Equatorial Forest Escapade (Dzangha-Zangha National Park) | CETAC